Business Challenge


On 8th March 2017, five business students from The Community College took part in a Business Challenge which was hosted by Wrekin College in Telford.

The aim of the competition was to bring business students together from all over the county to compete and share ideas. The main idea of the challenge was to present students with a real life business person who had a genuine issue that they needed solving. It was then the job of the students to analyse the issue and come up with some proposals to help solve the problem. Our team’s business was a big national distribution and logistics company which was having problems with the motivation and happiness of its staff. We had to come up with solutions which would boost the morale of the workers whilst at the same time being as cost effective as possible.

The team worked very well and after a lot of discussion and analysis came up with a variety of strategies such as introducing a quarterly staff magazine which celebrated success, providing meetings which singled workers out for promotion, social events such as football and providing opportunities for workers to give feedback to managers. The students had to present at the end of the day and The Community College were judged to be the winners of their group, and overall runners up. We were particularly complimented on justifying why our proposals where cost effective as well as being easy to implement for a large organisation.

Well done to Harry Barrett, Liam Richards, Kayla Higgins, Joe Bradbury and Clem Hankin all pictured above. A great day out!