Reality Is Not What It Seems


Four aspiring physicists from the Community College visited the Hay Literary Festival on 1 June to be inspired by 'the physicist transforming how we see the universe', according to the Financial Times.  The four students; Max Ellis, Jack Finn, Charlie Kinsey and Taliesin Lund, heard Carlo Rovelli talk about the nature of quantum gravity - the current most popular explanation of gravity that it is made of discrete granular quantities.  The talk took place only an hour after NASA announced that it had witnessed the aftermath of two black holes colliding, adding further evidence to Rovelli's claim. Rovelli also explained how astronomers are engaged in searching for black holes with a diameter of only 1mm in deep space, yet with the mass of the Moon that are due to explode now!  The boys are all triple scientists, leaving the college this summer to take Physics A-level.  The next generation of Rovellis perhaps - good luck!