Tanzania Trip 2017

 Tanzania2017-5SmallOctober 2017 saw the third annual student visit to Macechu school, our partners in Tanzania.  14 students and three staff made the trip which involved students in class at Macechu and experiencing many different aspects of cultural life in Tanzania, including for the first time a safari to the Ngorongoro Crater. 

Below Grace Davies (Year 10) describes her experience.


"My trip to Tanzania was one of the best experiences of my life, it inspired me to look at my education and day to day life from another perspective. The students and teachers that I met at Macechu school all had so much devotion and passion for their education as well as each other. One of my most enjoyable memories was going to the deputy heads, Mrs Mhina's for a meal. We were introduced to her children, husband and all her lovely friends. As well as being able to be shown around her local community. The culture of everyone I met was admirable. They were all so confident and respectful of each others opinions and beliefs. For those that even had the littlest of possessions were all still so grateful. From a young age people are taught to work hard for little or no pay. Such as the children of Macechu school, before every morning they would begin with cleaning classrooms and maintaining the gardens. I am also very grateful to have been gave the opportunity to have gone on this trip. As well as been able to go with such a lovely group of friends and teachers to make these life changing memories with.  Thank you, from Grace. "

We are currently recruiting students for the October 2018 and 2019 trips.  Trips letters are available on the college website, or from Mr Kirk.



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