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From the 10th to the 25th of October myself and others had the experience of a lifetime. We went with the school to Tanzania. It was one of the most eye opening and inspiring trips I have ever experienced and I have created memories that will last a life time.

After boarding our first plane in Birmingham we landed in Amsterdam, then catching another plane to travel the rest of the way to Tanzania. Ten hours later I was taking my first steps in a country outside of Europe. We took a bus to Moshi were we stayed for the night and had a beautiful first morning in Tanzania with a view of Mount Kilimanjaro from our hostel, well at least the tip of it. We then left on a service bus at ten o`clock. The bus journey took around seven hours but felt like much less, as I spent all of it watching the beautiful Tanzanian countryside roll past my window.

Once we arrived at Pope John Paul II hostel we received a warm welcome and ate a meal of chicken and rice. We then relaxed in our rooms and went to bed. The following morning we went to Maccechu Secondary School and had a tour of the school. We then sang our national anthem to them. The next day we went to a beach called Pangani. It was amazing and was totally empty. We spent our fifth day in Tanzania relaxing and then went to a hotel to swim in the pool and eat a meal there. We spent the next few days going to the school and having lessons with the children. These days were amazing and probably the most interesting. We had a Swahili lesson and learnt lots of words and phrases we could use in Tanzania. We played football with Maccechu School. They were all much better than us so we tried to teach them touch rugby, which was a lot of fun. We went snorkelling on Friday. It was beautiful. Seeing all the fragile coral and beautiful fish really put what we had experienced the past days into perspective. On our last night in the hostel we all had a party with lots of music and dancing, all the staff were so welcoming and we felt like we had made friends with them in the short amount of time we had stayed at the hostel.

We left the hostel the next morning and travelled to Moshi and then on to where we went on safari. After sleeping for a night we left early in the morning and descended into the Ngorongoro Crater. We saw many amazing animals including Lions, Buffaloes, Zebras and even a Black Rhino which are severely endangered with only twenty six left in the wild. After leaving the safari we drove back to Moshi to spend one more night before going back to England. We arrived back in England in the afternoon and were dropped off by a bus at the school. It felt strange being back in England after everything we had seen and done. I felt like I appreciated everything I had a lot more and would look at life with a very different view.

Charlie Banford Year 11

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