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Please click on the following link for the Year 7 to 11 Curriculum Overview, Year 7 to 11 Curriculum Overview

Key Stage 3 

KS3 English aims to prepare students fully for the challenges they will not only face in their English GCSEs but also in daily life. Over the course of two years, Year 7 and 8 students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of experiences which are both relevant to school life and beyond.

Following the National Curriculum Programme of Study for Key Stage 3 in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, our schemes of work encourage our students to become confident, independent learners through a wide range of individual, paired and group activities. Each half term, students study a different project to effectively prepare them for the new GCSEs. These are as follows:

Unit 1   Unit 2   Unit 3   Unit 4   Unit 5 

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www.literacytrust.org.uk  www.bbc.co.uk/skillswise  www.louissachar.com  


KS4 English Language and Literature:

Language: AQA Exam Board

Literature: EDUQAS Exam Board

To ensure full coverage of the new English Language and Literature GCSE specifications, and to compensate for the closed book Literature examinations, the English Department run a three year KS4 course, starting in Year 9.

Over the course of three years, students study two GCSEs: English Language and English Literature. Many of the skills overlap and there is an increased emphasis on spelling, punctuation and grammar for both GCSEs. Continued reading, both fiction and non-fiction, will help students develop their language skills and their understanding of literature. As timing is essential on the new GCSE papers, much of the assessment is to support students in improving their approach to examination questions. It is advisable that students complete independent practice questions at home to improve their ability to develop personal responses in a given time.

We strongly advise visiting the AQA and Eduqas websites to access sample exam papers and exemplar responses for the new GCSE English Language and Literature examinations.

AQA Language:


EDQUAS Literature:


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AnInspectorcallspicrs WaroftheWorldsPicrs Macbeth MuchADoAboutNothing Othello Poetry

An Inspector Calls Mark Scheme  War of the Worlds Mark Scheme  Macbeth Mark Scheme  Much Ado About Nothing Mark Scheme  Othello Mark Scheme Poetry Anthology Mark Scheme

Revision Pages

An Inspector Calls

Arthur Billing  Eric B  Eva Smith  Gerald C  Inspector Goole  Responsibility 

Sheila B  Sybill

War Of The Worlds

Martians  The Artilleryman  The Curate  The Narrator  The Narrator's Brother  The Public

Poetry Context Sheets

A Wife In London  Afternoons  As Imperceptibily as Grief  Cozy Apologia  

Death of a Naturalist  Dulce  Hawk Roosting  Living Space  London  

Mametz Wood  Ozymandias  She Walks in Beauty  Sonnet 43  The Manhunt  

The Prelude  The Soldier  To Autumn  Valentine


History, Geography and RE are taught as separate subjects at Key Stage 3 and are an option choice at Key Stage 4, along with Leisure and Tourism GCSE.


Geography has always been a successful and popular subject at the College.  We aim to make learning fun by delivering a range of lessons that are relevant and dynamic, that engage students and teach them more about the world around them. 


Geography Keystage 3 Program Of Study


Geography GCSE Course

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Keystage 3 History         


Curriculum Plan

History Keystage 3

Key Stage 3 History Key Words

Click on the following links for Year 11 GCSE Revision Booklets:

Changes in Health and Medicine c500-present day The Development of the USA 1929 - 2000 The Elizabethan Age
Germany in Transition 1919 - 1939 



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 Curriculum Map2017-2018


Options Booklet 2018



Keystage 3 Overview


Art Exam Board Information


Eduqas Gcse Art and Design Specifications

Revision for Year 11; www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/art-and-design/gcse/art-and-design-4200 





GCSE Geography

Theme 1

Managing Lesuire


Carding Mill Valley

Global Cities





Theme 2








Extreme Weather


High Pressure causes


High pressure responses

Fieldwork Techniques 2017-18


Fieldwork Techniques 2017-18




Essential Revision Guidance


Question Examples