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The Curriculum: Overview

Key Stage 3 Overview:



All students are placed in coaching group, which will usually stay together for the whole of Years 7 to 11. The group is mixed age and is usually about 15 students. This means each group will have between 3 and 4 students from each year group. The Learning Coach is the first point of contact for any student or parent, helping Year 7 students to successfully settle into College, as well as helping Year 11 students manage revision and final preparation for public examinations.

The College curriculum meets the requirements of the National Curriculum, with the vast majority of students following a full programme of subjects, organised in a two week timetable of fifty one hour lessons.

In Year 7, many lessons are delivered as a mixed teaching group, with some setting occurring where required. Students are also familiarised with the College Library. In Years 8 and 9, more subjects are delivered in ability bands, enabling learning to be better tailored to the needs of individual students, challenging the most able and supporting the least able. 

In Year 9, students make their Option choices in preparation for Key Stage 4, and will be guided through high quality Information. This process starts in January where students have assemblies about new subjects that are available and make a broad choice on the “straw poll”. This information is then used to tailor the option blocks to try and ensure as many students as possible get the options they want and we carefully support the process.

Further detail about the subjects studied in each year and important dates for parents can be found in the Curriculum booklet for the year group.

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 Key Stage 4 Overview:


All students have a timetable which will include the Core and their Option choices. The College curriculum meets the requirements of the National Curriculum, and provides a Core GCSE subject offer of English Language & Literature, Mathematics, Combined Science (worth two GCSE grades) plus non-exam PE and IAG (Information, Advice and Guidance)

The option subjects available include Art and Design, Business Studies, Construction BTEC, Economics, Food Technology, French, Geography, History, ICT, Media Studies, Music, Performing Arts, Physical Education, Resistant Materials, Triple Science (enabling separate science awards in Biology, Chemistry and Physics). This list does vary depending on student choices during the options process.

All students have individual careers meetings through years 10 and 11 to support them as they make their choices post 16 and we believe in working closely with students and their families to ensure they achieve the best outcomes that can.

The curriculum booklet for each year includes more detailed information about the courses we offer and key dates for each year group as well as information we hope you will find useful,

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