New York, New York, so good they named it twice



For 38 Year 10 and 11 students (and 4 members of staff), February Half Term became an eye-popping week of excitement in the Big Apple. At 7:00am, Bishop’s Castle air was filled with excitement and anticipation, as we began our trip across the pond to New York.

Upon landing, the first landmark hit was the iconic Empire State Building, which we quickly ascended for a night time view of NYC – a view unequalled by any other city. As if the breath-taking skyline wasn’t enough, this experience was made all the more memorable by the sheer amount of GIFs Miss de la Mare forced us to partake in!

The next morning, we ventured around the corner from our hostel to Bocca Bliss – a place well-known for ‘creating fanatics’! There, we crammed our boxes with mountains of food, setting us up for rest of the day.

To work off the calories we’d just consumed, we hit the mean streets of midtown Manhattan for a mere four hours, with our tour guide, Jared (and his trusty lightsabre). It wasn’t long before Charlie Kinsey delivered a puntastic comment, renaming Jared ‘Luke Guidewalker’. Genius.

At the first sight of Times Square, students were plunged into the vibrant cityscape of neon billboards, mass crowds and a scene so familiar from films and TV, yet so alien in reality. And what were the students interested in? Shopping! It was difficult to tear the girls away from the vice-like grip of Sephora – a shop Abi Bebb, Sophie Davies and Megan Butler (and Jack Finn!) could have happily spent the whole NYC trip in!

After a slice of pizza or two for sustenance, we headed over to visit the very tall, very showy and very golden Trump Tower, where George Lawrence and Tom Swancott purchased their ironic (or maybe not) Trump memorabilia.






Year 9 Visit to Chester University

ChesterUniOn Wednesday 29th March the Careers Team went to Chester University with 50 Year 9 students.  We were taking part in a day introducing life at University with participation in 2 group activities and a tour of the campus.  An interactive board game highlighted the pathway to University and student life, and the Dream University activity made the Year 9s think about how University is an aspiration and achievable goal for many and what individual Universities can offer.  All the students were a credit to the College and listened well to the student ambassadors who gave us the tour.

Green Pioneers 2017


Once again our school was chosen by The MidCounties Co-operative to take part in The Green Pioneers Programme. The Green Pioneers Programme is a partnership between The MidCounties Co-Operative, The Outward Bound Trust and our school. The programme is not simply about a week long residential, but is about creating a legacy that will continue to positively impact the students and our school long after the programme has come to an end. The students have to learn about the Co-Operative ‘DOES’ values and how to apply them to everyday situations.
We are proud of our participation in The Green Pioneers Programme, which has played a vital role in helping our students to understand the importance of being aware of

environmental issues and sustainability. Thank you very much for this fantastic and amazing experience again given to our school.





Business Challenge


On 8th March 2017, five business students from The Community College took part in a Business Challenge which was hosted by Wrekin College in Telford.

The aim of the competition was to bring business students together from all over the county to compete and share ideas. The main idea of the challenge was to present students with a real life business person who had a genuine issue that they needed solving. It was then the job of the students to analyse the issue and come up with some proposals to help solve the problem. Our team’s business was a big national distribution and logistics company which was having problems with the motivation and happiness of its staff. We had to come up with solutions which would boost the morale of the workers whilst at the same time being as cost effective as possible.

The team worked very well and after a lot of discussion and analysis came up with a variety of strategies such as introducing a quarterly staff magazine which celebrated success, providing meetings which singled workers out for promotion, social events such as football and providing opportunities for workers to give feedback to managers. The students had to present at the end of the day and The Community College were judged to be the winners of their group, and overall runners up. We were particularly complimented on justifying why our proposals where cost effective as well as being easy to implement for a large organisation.

Well done to Harry Barrett, Liam Richards, Kayla Higgins, Joe Bradbury and Clem Hankin all pictured above. A great day out!