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Consultation Document for SEND proposed provision at The Community College Bishop's Castle

A copy of this document is available from The Community College Bishop's Castle Reception or you can request a copy by emailing


Proposal to create SEND resource provision at The Community College, Bishop's Castle.

Notice is given in accordance with The School Organisation (Making Prescribed Alterations) Regulations 2016, the Local Authority – Shropshire Council – proposes to establish a resource provision at The Community College, Bishop's Castle and offer up to 30 places for secondary aged learners with communication and interaction difficulties (including Autism Spectrum Conditions) from Spring 2018.

This Notice is an extract from the complete proposal. Copies of the complete proposal can be obtained: by writing to Resourced Provision Consultation, Brampton Road, Bishops Castle, Shropshire, SY9 5AY, by emailing or by visiting the Council website at

Within four weeks of the publication of this Notice (by 15 November 2018) any person may make comments or object to the proposal by writing to Resourced Provision Consultation, The Community College, Bishop's Castle, Brampton Road, Bishops Castle, Shropshire, SY9 5AY or by emailing

Signed by

Karen Bradshaw, Director of Children’s Services, Shropshire Council

Publication Date: 18 October 2018

Race for the Line 2018



Following the Community College's success last year in reaching the national final of Race for The Line, this year the whole of Year 7 have entered this STEM competition inspired by the Bloodhound Land Speed Record attempt. The first round took place in freezing cold on 8 February at the Community College where 14 rocket cars took off. The cars were designed and built by teams of Year 7 students. The fastest car reached 63.60km/h on a 15m track and was designed and built by Jake Corfield, Holly Kirk, Jessica Newnham and Olivia Nobbs. These students go through to the Regional Finals at RAF Cosford in May. Congratulations to them.


Winning Car Below








Year 9 trip to the Imperial War Museum


On Wednesday 9th May, 64 year 9 students ventured to the busy yet beautiful city of London. In the centre, rested a monumental building of war and history: The Imperial War Museum.The educational day was packed with replicas of Spitfires, tanks and interesting facts and stories of the famous world wars. I particularly found the section on the Holocaust both fascinating and horrifying. Seeing the real uniforms worn by real people in concentration camps really made the whole thing seem real.

Although it took 6 hours to venture back and forth through a traffic jungle, year 9 had a memorable day that hopefully they will never forget.
Siobhan Woodward
Year 9

Biology Bake Off


The Science Department once again held a Biology bake off on the 13th October. There was lots of wonderful different ideas, from seedling cupcakes to brain and eyeball cakes.

The overall winner was Kara Gardner with her respiratory system cake.

Winners of the inter-house comp:


1) Rose Stafford

2) Jude O'Gilligan

3) Jack Cherry


1) Tilly Hughes

2) Megan Jones

3) Sam Spalding


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