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First Aid Visit to Telford Fire Station



On 14th November, Miss Muddiman took a group of first aid enrichment students to Telford Fire and Rescue Centre. We had previously been participating in a first aid course as part of our enrichment programme. We had been learning various first aid techniques and the visit really solidified our knowledge. We had a talk from a senior fire fighter and got a tour of the station and even got to sit in their two permanent fire engines at Telford.

The day was really finished off nicely by a road traffic collision simulation. Lara Sidell was kitted up in a fire fighters uniform and got inside a scrap car. The fire engines drove around and acted like they would in a real traffic accident. It was an amazing experience. We would recommend this trip to anyone and hope it is held again in the future, purely because it was bundles of fun and very educational and inspiring!

Miss E Muddiman








The Great Biology Bake Off


In order to celebrate National Biology Week, the staff and  students of The Community College took part in a Great Big Biology Bake Off where they submitted a home made cake using Biology as a theme.

The entries were amazing and ranged from plant sapling cupcakes to brains, hearts and even a whole digestive system! Not only did they look fantastic, they tasted delicious too with one brain cake by Hope Evans in Year 7 even having a surprise network of nerves (strawberry laces and mini chocolates) inside when you cut into it. The delicious treats were then sold at break and lunchtime with the proceeds going towards the upkeep of all the new arrivals in the Biology Department, including a bearded dragon, two corn snakes, two gerbils and a family of locusts!

Well done to everyone who took part.

Miss R Scott, Science Department

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Inter House Competition Spelling Contest



Congratulations to Webb and Clive Houses, who drew the spelling contest held over two successive lunchtimes and involved 24 students from Year 7-11. The words for the Year 7 competition were taken from those that Year 6 are expected to know, and the words for the Year 8-11 competition from the list of 50 words that the British find difficult to spell.

Individual winners in the Year 7 category were: 1st Leela Owen (Clive), 2nd Kirstin Russell (Darwin), 3rd Anna Booker (Clive)

Individual winners in the Year 8-11 category were: 1st Tim Edwards (Webb), 2nd Megan Butler (Darwin); 3rd Scott Mills (Webb)



Mr Doust




Success for the Community College Equestrian Team


The Community college equestrian team had a successful day show jumping last Sunday. KS3 team, Emma Schuffam, Alice Leeke and Jessica Clark were 5th in the 60 cm and 2nd in the 70cm class.

KS4 team, Charlotte Gwilliam, Georgina Oliver and James Ernshaw were 1st in the 60 cm and 5th in the 70 cm class.

Individual wins and second places for Jess Clark and James Ernshaw.

Fantastic 1st outing of the season. Please get in touch if you would like to be part of the equestrian team or would like further information.

Miss E Muddiman